International Choral Festival "Verona Garda Estate" in July 2015.

The choral Festival takes place in the provinces of Verona, Brescia, Mantua, Vicenza and near the waters of Lake Garda during the month of June-July 2015.


Dear President,

Dear Friends,


we are looking for one more choir to take part in the International Choral Festival "Verona Garda Estate" in July 2015.the Organizing Committee of the “Festival Verona Garda Estate” is pleased to invite your choir to participate in the festival in Italy in 2015!


The choral Festival takes place in the provinces of  Verona (, Brescia (, Mantua (, Vicenza( and near the waters of Lake Garda ( during the month of June-July 2015.

The festival is divided in four equal parts:

  • First part: 25, 26, 27, 28 June (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Second part: 2, 3, 4, 5 July (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Third part: 9, 10, 11, 12 July (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Fourth part: 16, 17, 18, 19 July (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

    Each choir can choose the most suitable part in which it participates.

In each festival 7-9 international choirs will be invited. In total there will be participation of around 30 choirs from all around the world alongside several local Italian choirs.

The participating choirs will perform in four concerts or alternatively participate in a Mass with a short concert following, which means one performance a day, each one in a different city. The concerts are held mainly in churches but also in theatres or squares suitable for choral concerts.

In each concert there will be two to three international choirs and an additional local choir if available.

We seek to create as much variety as possible in the combination of the choirs performing together and thus, if possible, to have a different line up of choirs at each concert.

Each choir will, depending on the number of choirs participating, perform for about 20-35 minutes for a free a cappella program either profane or sacral depending of the place of the concert. In case of a mass, there will be two choirs performing.


The respective scores of two simple compositions will be sent to each choir well in advance. The choirs will sing these compositions all together at the end of each concert or mass.

At your expense

- travel expenses
- all movements as scheduled in the program (concerts and visits in cities)
- for the choirs: an inscript_ion fee of 270€ for each participant (all singers, the president and the director and, in case you arrive with your own bus, the bus driver)
- for companions: an all-inclusive sum of 370€ for each companion which gives them the right to attend all concerts and participate in all organized activities of the members of the choirs (hotel, meals, concerts, etc.).

If you arrive by plane or train and not with your own bus, our organization is pleased to arrange on behalf of your choir a luxury coach for a very reasonable price. The coach will be at your disposal covering all the movements mentioned in the Festival program including also your transfer from and to the airport or train station.

Excursions in the region will be organized according to the schedule below.

For the whole period of the festival you will be accompanied by one of our assistants.

General program for your stay in Italy 
N.B. The program may be subject to some changes

Thursday (first day)

In the afternoon the choirs arrive in Verona. Somebody of our organization will be welcoming you in your hotel.

At 5.30 pm: opening ceremony of the festival. Welcoming drink and dinner for all the participating choirs.
The directors and presidents of each choir will be presented
During the dinner every choir is asked to sing one short welcoming song

At 7.30 pm departure for the concerts

At 9.00 pm concert
As a conclusion of the concert the choirs sing together the “Ode to Joy” of L. V. Beethoven and “Signore delle Cime” a piece composed by Bepi de Marzi from the Veneto.

Friday (second day)

Breakfast at the hotel

10 am: departure for Verona (, which is max. 10-15 km from the hotel you will be residing in.

Free time to visit the historic centre (Piazza Bra with the famous Arena,  via Mazzini, piazza Erbe, the balcony of Juliet, S. Anastasia, piazza Dante etc). Guided tours are available(for the fees please contact us).

4 pm (or earlier, depending on your decision as a group): return to the hotel.
6 pm: dinner
around 7.30 pm: departure for the concert
9 pm: concert
As a conclusion of the concert the choirs sing together the “Ode to Joy” and “Signore delle Cime”.

Saturday (third day)

Breakfast at the hotel
10 am: departure for Vicenza (, the city of the great architect Andrea Palladio.
Free time to visit he historic center (Corso Palladio, Piazza dei Signori, Basilica Palladiana, Teatro Olimpico, Loggia del Capitano, Chiesa S. Croce etc).Guided tours are available(for the fees please contact us).

3.30 pm (or earlier depending on the decision of you as a group): return to the hotel.
Afterwards there are two options for the choirs:

1. option:
6pm: dinner
9 pm: concert

2. option:
7pm: animation of a mass followed by a short concertafter the mass(max. 10 minutes per choirs). Dinner after mass
As a conclusion of the concert the choirs sing together the “Ode to Joy” and “Signore delle Cime”.

Sunday (fourth day)

Breakfast at the hotel
In the morning: animation of a massfollowed by a short concert after the mass (max. 10 minutes per choirs).

Around 1 pm : lunch
After lunch departure for Lake Garda, where a free visit of the historic center of Sirmione (, the “pearl” of Lake Garda ( is scheduled. There is the possibility to go swimming.

Optional: a boat trip (8€ per person, approximate duration35 min).

8.30 pm: dinner together with all choirs and closing ceremony.
Official awarding of badge of participation.
Possible exchange of gifts.

Monday (fifth day)

After the breakfast the choirs are free to leave.
N.B.: Each year many choirs chose to extend their stay in Italy for some days either before or after the festival in order to

·         have the possibility to animate a mass in St.Mark's Basilica (maximum 4 sacral songs)
·         visit the Veneto region with its fascinating cities (Venice, Padova, Mantova, Ferrara, etc.). There is the possibility to visit these cities with a guide (for the fees please consult us)
·         attend an opera in the Arena in Verona.
·         visit one of the numerous wine cellars in the region and taste some quality wine.

If you decide to stay a few extra days we are happy to book for you, at your expense, the same hotel as for your festival period and also organize all your excursions with a wonderful program that has been appreciated every year from choirs who have stayed in Italy.

Please note also that the organization will provide an assistant to go with you also during your extra days in Italy if required.

Dear President, I remain at your disposal to answer all your questions and hope that our proposal meets with your approval.

Best regards

Prof. Giuliano Rinaldi
President of the

Via Nogarole, 39
37040 Arcole Verona ( Italy)
Tel. 0039.45.7636048

Mobile: 0039.337.572343


P.S.: Please visit our website for more detailed information and the program of the